Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about Ahnenblatt are answered here.
Check out, if you find an answer for your question.

Manual files

General information for starters or about special functions can be found and downloaded here.
Just take a look if there is a topic which is interesting for you (more will come in the future).
Because nobody wants to read long novels before starting, all Manual files are kept as short as possible and contain several screenshots to make it easier to understand.

Context sensitive program help

You can find detailed information about dialogs or functions in the program help.
Just press F1 key in Ahnenblatt and you get more information about the dialog which is currently open.
The program help is available in English and German language.

Support forum

There is a user-forum where special questions about usage, special functions or options can be asked to other Ahnenblatt users.
The user-forum is called “Ahnenblatt Portal” and can be found here:
The forum is managed by other users and is very active. This is the fastest way to get individual help for any question.
The “Ahnenblatt Portal” is mainly in German, but has some parts in English language.

Direct contact to the program author

Ahnenblatt has no big team behind. But there are some situations or error messages (no software in the world is completly free of errors) in software which only can be answered by the author. Support only by mail and only in English or German language to
Because some situations can only be reproduced with special family constellations, be always prepared to provide your family file (or an abstact) for analysis.
I am always interested in bug-fixing, but be aware: the more time I spend in user support, the less time I have for developing new functions.

Please note when you need support:

  • Don’t ask the programmer first!
    Try the other support options before.
  • Don’t ask about out-dated versions!
    Check if you are using the newest Ahnenblatt release (menu “? / Search for update…”). Perhaps your problem is already fixed.
  • Don’t expect that Ahnenblatt has no limits!
    Of course there is no limit in persons or other data to enter, but sometimes user’s are searching for functions and options for every detail which were promised nowhere.
    So don’t expect an all-in-one-chart when there is no option for that.
    And always be aware that sometimes the capacity of your PC can be a limiting factor.
    But over the years Ahnenblatt was developed further to have less limits and more functionality.
    And development will never reach an end …
  • Don’t contact support forum’s webmaster for support questions!
    In general forums are having an open communication. Every question is visible for everyone and the same is for the answers.
    So other users can find help without asking the same question again.
    To send emails is against this principle of effective user support.
  • Don’t post sensitive or confidential data on the support forum.
    This point is actually obvious and generally applies to all Internet forums.