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Ahnenblatt is an easy to use full featured genealogy software suitable for beginners and even experienced genealogist to organize your genealogy research. Use plausibility check to find inaccuracies in your family and generate impressive charts with only a few mouse clicks.


Ahnenblatt welcomes you! The most useful functions for an immediate start are shown at the start of the program.


Create ancestors, decendants or hourglass charts with start person of your choice. There are a lot of options to adjust the graphic design.


Enter your data in simple and clear dialogs. If available, you can add pictures, sources and notes to persons or single events.


Create ancestors, decendants or family lists. Or create person’s sheets for persons of your choice.


Load and save family data in GEDCOM format. If you already use other software, you can easily transfer your data to Ahnenblatt.


Charts and lists can be saved in various file formats (e.g. pdf). This is useful for further processing like external printing.

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Standard data

  • Unlimited persons
  • Basic events
  • 1 source per person
  • 1 note per person
  • No watermarks
  • No support
  • No updates
  • 50 persons
  • Many events
  • Many sources per event
  • Many notes per event
  • Has watermarks
  • No support
  • No updates



Detailed data and sources

  • Unlimited persons
  • Many events
  • many sources per event
  • many notes per event
  • No watermarks
  • Mail support
  • Free updates

Open and download Ahnenblatt Demo for free – no registration needed. Installation file absetup3.exe is only 12 MB.

Just start absetup3.exe and install in seconds – no additional third-party software or advertising. No uncontrolled filling of your hard disk – only 25 MB is needed.

How to test a genealogy software without any data?
Two demo files are delivered with Ahnenblatt – one of them with Unicode characters. Presented at start-up in the Welcome dialog.

Perfect for unknown data: let Ahnenblatt suggest a start person for trees and lists. Try design options for trees by changing fonts, background, person’s frames and show photos.

Export GEDCOM data from any existing genealogy software or online genealogy platforms like Ancestry and MyHeritage and open in Ahnenblatt with “File / Open… / GEDCOM file” or more easy by drag & drop.
No hassle with character coding or other user-unfriendly technical issues. Try plausibility check to find errors in family data which you were not aware of.

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