Ahnenblatt 2.99

Here you can find installation files for version 2.99p.

This program version is free of charge, with no functional restrictions (no limit of people) – but offers fewer features than the purchase version of Ahnenblatt. Ideal for getting started in genealogy!

The free version of Ahnenblatt is file compatible to the purchase version. The entered data can therefore continue to be used.

Standard installation
for installation on a Windows PC
absetup.exe (13.7 MB)
Alternative downloads for use on a USB stick:
Portable version as ZIP archive
for use on e.g. a USB stick
Unzip to any directory and start without installation.
Ahnenblatt.zip (16.5 MB)
Portable App version
for special USB menu [see PortableApps.com]
AhnenblattPortable.paf.exe (11.5 MB)

In detail, the free version of Ahnenblatt lacks the following features:

  • only one-time standard events per person (no events twice)
  • just one text box for sources per person (instead of sources for each event)
  • only one text field for notes per person (instead of notes for each event)
  • no source management
  • no address management
  • no task management
  • no update search (manual / automatic)
  • no list “family facts” as an overview of one’s own genealogy research
  • no English-language program help

If you are interested in the purchase version and want to thoroughly test it before buy, you will find a demo version on the download page, in which all functions can be tried out in advance. The demo version allows the entry of up to 50 people and all printouts are watermarked. However, you can open Ahnenblatt and GEDCOM files with more than 50 people to try them out as well.

The demo version can be installed in parallel to the free version of Ahnenblatt.